Not sure what to do with your square tiles? Jolena from our Edmonton South showroom/store creates 3 simple tile patterns here to inspire you (watch her in action here):

  1. Stacked
    Creates a “grid-like” pattern, this pattern is traditional but can appear very contemporary via the use of a contrasting (darker) grout to outline each tile.
    Stacked Pattern tiles at Tile Town

  2. 50/50 Offset
    Softens the “lines” of each tile so your eyes flow over the tiled space; this pattern combined with the ripple in the face of each Artisan White 5×5 tile refracting the light to create a more subtle and softer pattern.
    Offset pattern tile at Tile Town

  3. Diagonal Installation
    Great for unifying varying heights, as your eyes will move along the diagonal lines (e.g.: Kitchens with both open shelving & upper cabinets and tile behind the range hood).  This pattern takes a bit more planning and cutting than the first two, but can create a stunning backsplash!
    Offset pattern tile at Tile Town

Chat with Jolena or one of our design experts about your tile project. We’re here to help you find the best solutions for your tile and tiling needs.

Pictured: Artisan Italian White Glossy 5×5, Point Grey Vinyl Flooring in Highbury & Jericho