They say your home is an extension of yourself, and that could not be truer when it comes to people’s kitchen tiles.

Is your backsplash as loud and bold as you are with personality from top to bottom? Or are you more of a reserved, reliable homebody who mimics the timeless appeal of white subway tiles?

From farmhouse all the way to industrial, here’s what the kitchen tiles in your home say about your personality!

Sleek and sophisticated, you are the quintessential it-person that everyone wants to know. Much like your tiles, you are high-quality, luxury, and you know what you want, when you want it. Every aesthetic choice is correct, and the same could be said about your kitchen tiles. Just know that you (and your kitchen) will be the talk of the town and a major trendsetter for your friends.

As the name suggests, you’re someone who’s reliable and established — someone who people know has a status quo and sticks to it. Like the white subway tiles that line your kitchen island, you are clean and streamline. You’re organized, well-put together, and above all us, keep things fresh while maintaining a familiar charm.

There’s not a lot to be said about you and your kitchen tiles, because, truthfully, that’s what you’d prefer. Simplicity is key in your life, and you like for things to be cohesive. Although you can come across as bare or cold, you’re truly just a little quieter than most.

Always down to chill, you’re as calm and collected as the blue tiles that line your backsplash. Being the human embodiment of a getaway, you know when and where to relax, but aren’t afraid to get a little wild (with the right accoutrements). You may be hard to pin down since you’re always on the go, but no matter where you are, you’ll bring that laidback, easy attitude.

Mid-Century Modern
People describe you as creative and inventive, and this is reflected in your experimental choices with your tile colours and patterns. When there’s a clear blueprint for something to be done, you like to put your own spin on it — a mark of a true individual. Ultimately, you’re clever, and make every decision with intent. In order words, you’re definitely the main character.

Jumping out like a pop of colour, you’re always one to make yourself seen and heard. Some may call you the life of the party, and they wouldn’t be far off. And while you and your aesthetic can’t be pinned down to just one thing and may come across as chaotic, it’d be more accurate to say you’re confident and make purposeful choices (in both design and in life).

With you, it’s always less-is-more. In a similar fashion to your tile colour palette, you like to keep things neutral, always aspiring for practicality over anything else. Others may be surprised to know you have a bit of an edge to you, but your warm approachability reminds people of your softness and ease.

Warm and neutral, this durable vinyl tile comes in 5×48.

While you may look simple on the surface, there’s actually many layers to you. Always following trends, you like to stay current, while cleverly mixing in classic elements to let people know you’re dynamic. Rule-breaking isn’t out of the question, and you like to try things out (like a wild pattern or out-of-place texture).

Warm and welcoming, you and your kitchen encapsulate the feeling of a pleasant embrace. You’re down-to-earth and give everyone a sense of familiarity. And while some may say you’re not the most glamorous, you more than make up for this in your perpetual charm.

Much like your tile placements, you value function and efficiency. A true go-getter, you see something that needs to be done and finish the task effortlessly. Although you’re not big into being flashy, the bits of your personality that shine through show others that you’re humble and a big softie underneath your tough exterior.