As a kid, you don’t understand what money has to do with playing sport. It’s all about playing the game, being with your friends and having fun. Thanks to my friend’s dad, who knew about KidSport, I got off the sidelines and was fitted with the proper gear to play football in high school.

Organized sport teaches our children life-long skills, and improves self-esteem and self-confidence, so children can contribute positively to a strong, healthy community.

Sport Gave Me Discipline, Focus & Patience

I was 14, when my friend said we should join the school football team. I naturally went along and brought home the registration forms. My parents didn’t have the extra money for football gear and registration fees, like the other kids at school. 

Kids don’t play a sport to get an incredible team-building experience. It just happens and you don’t even realize it. When it’s fun playing a sport, kids inherently have better physical and emotional heath, know how to work as a team in group settings and develop good leadership skills and discipline.

Athletes Make Tomorrow’s Leaders

Looking back at how playing organized sport influenced me as an adult, I realize KidSport opened the door to all the other sport I’ve played in my life. KidSport also helped me develop leadership skills which started on the football field as I worked my way from the position of lower-end defense to blocking for the quarterback and then advancing to the position of full back for the Esquimalt Eagles.

First hand, I can tell you that KidSport affects all areas of a kid’s life including your health, your academic standing and, even, your career path.

When my high school football team disbanded, I turned to rugby. While in grade nine, I was one of the few junior boys to play senior boy rugby. Although I suffered a severe tackle, which broke my ankle in three different places, I still continue to be active and involved in non-contact sport as an adult.

Active, Confident and a Team Player

As a Tile Resource Expert at Tile Town Victoria, I know the leadership skills that I developed as a team player in contact sport has influenced my career path. At work, customers often want me to choose the tile for their home renovation or new build. I approach the situation a little differently. I figure out what a customer wants from the tile – in terms of look, feel and durability – as well as their design style so they can make the decision themselves. The best part of my job is helping people create a dream space in their style.

When you’re in an organized sport, everybody has a job and you learn a lot of things about health, exercise, strategy and, most importantly, how to work together. Playing football built my confidence and provided me with lasting friendships throughout high school.

KidSport is an amazing program for it gives kids the experience of playing a sport and a good start on being well-adjusted individuals in life. First hand, I can tell you that KidSport affects all areas of a kid’s life including your health, your academic standing and, even, your career path.

I’m proud to ask customers if they’ll support KidSport with a donation during Tile Town’s Spring GiveBack Campaign from May to June in 2016. With every $5 donation, customers receive a FREE mini sport ball. All proceeds help KidSport remove the financial barriers that prevents kids from playing organized sport in our communities.

KidSport is a program Tile Town believes in, and I’m living proof that getting kids into the game provides them with more opportunities later in life. Without KidSport, chances are I wouldn’t have organized sport in my life today. I don’t know where I’d be working or if I would be in the great relationship that I have today with my partner.