Tips for Choosing Coloured Tiles vs. Black and White

From dazzling and glossy greens and blues to timeless greys and whites, tiles come in an assortment of colours and shades, each with their own design capabilities. Knowing which colour palette to use between the wide range of tile colours requires careful consideration, as the tiles you select can impact your room’s mood, perceived size, and so on.

To help you on this chapter of creating an extraordinary colour story, here are some tips for choosing tiles based on colour and shade.

Consider the room itself

Something you’ll want to think about and build towards when selecting tile colours is cohesion. This can pertain to the overall aesthetic and existing colours/design already existing in the room and doing your best to tie everything together with your tile colours. Such variables you need to think about for cohesion include:

-The colour of the walls
-The type of furniture in the room (colours, materials, finishes, etc.)
-The room size
-The lighting in the room (natural light or artificial)

If your furniture mostly consists of browns and greens, with wooden accents and several plants, you may consider choosing lighter coloured tiles in beige or grey to accent the already existing earth tones (which are a big trend in 2022). Something akin to our Versa 75 Caramel Click Vinyls could pair excellently with an earth tone vibe.

Perhaps you have a room that you want to appear bigger. The best choice would be a cream or pastel floor tile to accentuate the dimensions of the room and make it appear larger.

(You can learn more about tiles and room sizes by reading our blog post on the topic.)

Larger rooms, like dining areas or kitchens, are paired well with darker floor tiles — especially if there’s plenty of natural light. Our Nohva Black Porcelain Tile works particularly well for enhancing more open areas, and the sleek matte black finish can be used to highlight any colour story you choose.

Featured: Nohva Black 12X24 Porcelain Tile

The overall goal when choosing a colour story for a room is ensuring that you’re creating harmony between colours. This of course does not mean you have to stick to a monochromatic look, you simply want to consider how each aspect of your room ties into one another.

Colours can impact your mood

It’s been proven time and again that colour has a substantial impact on people’s moods and appearances. There are plenty of tips and tricks regarding on how wearing certain colours can help you become more approachable, or how different coloured cars have different significances and meanings.

The same can be applied to tiles. Because of our automatic associations of colours to feelings, environments, or moods, tiles can play a major part in how a room feels.

For instance, say you want your office area to feel calm and tranquil, or you want to make your kitchen feel less hectic with a nice backsplash. The best colour option would be a light blue, as blue has associations with serene waves or the stillness of the sky. The Dolce Sky (05) tiles would serve as a subdued feature to help you feel more restful in any busy environment.

Featured: Dolce Sky 2×8 Matte Ceramic Wall Tile

White tiles can evoke thoughts of cleanliness, perfection, and peace, as these are all things associated with white. This would do well in a bathroom or kitchen, especially if you’re wanting to portray a streamlined, polished look to your guests. In this instance, the La Marca Statuarietto tiles would best suit your refined taste.

Maximizing and minimizing: how to make either work

Depending on your own design preferences, you’re either going to gravitate towards maximizing your colours or minimizing them. Although there isn’t a right or wrong in these choices, it’s important to consider how to elevate these concepts with your tile choices.

Much in the same way you choose tile patterns, creating a blended look requires that you don’t overstimulate your guests. This is not to say you can’t use colour — rather, it’s about making smart choices on where you place them and how you incorporate colours together.

Let’s say you want to spice up a duller room that primarily consists of whites and greys. You can add a pop of colour to this area by adding an accent wall to draw the eye. Or, if you’re very big on colours and want to feature more of them, simply choose colours that are complimentary or have the same tones (cool, warm, etc.).

If you’re looking for coloured tiles that work well as an accent, our Lume Series (award winning, by the way) features an assortment of rich colours, such as the Lume Green in an enchanting gloss finish, or the soothing Lume Blue.

Some areas of your house may feel overstimulating with too much colour, especially in smaller, tighter spaces. In this instance, sticking to a monochrome scheme consisting or blacks, whites, and greys would help make your room feel less overwhelming and more organized.

A great tile for lightening up and pulling together a monochromatic space is the Paint Stone White Porcelain Tiles.

Featured: Paint Stone White 12X24 Porcelain Tile

(These tiles, and all of our other Italian tiles, are also a part of our incredible Italian Days event which continues throughout July. Learn more about this fun event.) For more assistance in visualizing a space, check out Tile Town’s remarkable Visualizer Tool, or visit a Tile Town near you!

Supporting Communities Puts a Smile on Tile Town Staff Faces

Did you know we proudly and happily support our local communities? As a business, as a team, and as individuals, we’re motivated by a shared ideal: to improve people’s quality of life. We recently raised close to $5000 for KidSport BC by participating at their golf tournament, selling footballs at our stores, and serving up a BBQ at our Victoria showroom!

5 Reasons Why Penny Tiles are a Good Investment

Sometimes the biggest homes need the smallest details to make them feel whole, and what better bite-sized tile to turn to than the penny tile?

As their name suggests, penny tiles are about the size of a penny (remember when we had those?). Being some of the smallest tiles out there, their strengths are in their numbers, which helps to broaden their design capabilities. More tiles = more options.

To help you see the bigger picture, here are five ways the petite penny tile can have your home feeling like a million bucks.

Great for adding texture

Texture is an exciting way to add visual (and physical) appeal to your most ordinary spaces, such as your fireplace, your backsplash, or your shower. And what helps penny tiles stand out from tiles that are actually textured is that they create the texture, instead of just being textured.

Beyond simply adding a touch of intrigue to your home, they can also add dimension, which can help make smaller areas appear larger by capturing the eye’s attention. As your eye is captured by the texture on the walls, your eye will continue to travel along the wall, creating the illusion of depth and length.

They can create eye-catching mosaics

Creating a mosaic involves arranging small materials together to create an overall image, and what better tile to help you to achieve this than the penny tile?

By playing around with individual penny tiles, you can create jaw-dropping floor and wall patterns that give your living room or foyer a focal point. With a customized mosaic in your home, you’ll be sure to impress all of the guests you’ll have coming in and out.

For mosaic inspiration using the Lumiere Black Penny Round Tile and the Lumiere White Penny Round Tile:

-Use the white tiles as a backdrop and spell out words using the black tiles

-Create a flower pattern on white tiles by using the black tiles as flower petals

-Place the white tiles in a diamond formation, then have the black tiles go around their edges

There are endless colour options

Some tiles are restricted in colour variation because of the type of material they’re made from. Penny tiles, however, can be made from porcelain, ceramic, or glass, allowing for more colour options to be available.

This is why penny tiles are a popular choice for backsplashes, especially in kitchens that are aspiring for the streamline monochromatic look. You can even try mixing the colours together to create intricate patterns without needing to seek out specific patterned tiles. Ultimately, this is your chance to let your inventive side come out!

Helpful for slip resistance

Because of their smaller size, you’ll typically be using more penny tiles to completely cover a backsplash or bathroom floor — especially when compared to the larger floor tiles that have been dominating the latter half of 2022.

But an advantage of using these many penny tiles (and small tiles in general), over using bigger tiles, is that they’re effective against slipping.

This is due to the amount of grout lines created by the tiles. The grout lines form grooves in your flooring that give you a bit of traction, which greatly differs from the long stretches of surface that larger tiles create.

It’s recommended you install penny tile flooring in wet areas to help prevent accidents, such as your bathroom or laundry room, or in areas with high traffic.

Aesthetically diverse

Having been around since the early 1900’s, penny tiles have seen many unique aesthetics come and go (and come back again). As such, they can play a crucial role in many of the aesthetics that are booming today.

For instance:

-Penny tiles in a bathroom floor can simultaneously look modern, but also vintage — all depending on the colour and accoutrements in the room

-A penny tile surrounding a fireplace can simultaneously be contemporary, but can also be minimalist depending on the colour choices for the floor tiles, furniture, etc.

-Using black and white penny tiles can give a retro, diner look, but also match the cleverly placed contrasts seen in midcentury modern

All in all, finding an aesthetic for these tiles to fit into won’t give you a run for your money.

Ready to invest in these tiles? Come down to any of our Tile Town locations to ask about how you can bring these tiles into your home. And check out our Instagram for some major tile inspiration!-

5 Ways an In-Person Shopping Experience can Better Your Tile Project

The boom of online shopping has swept the retail industry, as shoppers are now effortlessly making purchase left and right from the comfort of their own home.

But in certain situations, in-person shopping presents remarkable opportunities that cannot be achieved by a click-and-deliver shopping experience. This is especially the case for home renovation purchases, where aspiring interior designers may miss out on seeing products up close, getting personalized assistance, and so on.

And as any shopper who comes into one of our Tile Town stores will tell you, there’s plenty to be gained from making the trip down to any of our esteemed locations. If you’re planning to start a tiling project, here’s how coming into our store, as opposed to simply shopping online, can really elevate your tile project experience!

1. Get on-hand assistance from industry professionals

Online retailers will often prompt you to ask for assistance via automated messaging services on their websites. But what can be missed from using these, as opposed to speaking face-to-face, is the experience of hearing directly from experts of the trade.

And at Tile Town, we have plenty of certified experts to help with all of your questions,  whether you’re looking for:

-Someone with more than 40+ years in the tile industry
-A reliable design consultant
-An accredited colour expert to help polish your colour palette

Not to mention, in-person interaction can feel warmer, especially when you build a relationship with the staff who are ready and eager to make your tile project run smoother.

2. See the tiles for yourselves

A major benefit of coming into a Tile Town store is being able to see and feel the tiles for yourselves. By doing so, you’re saving yourself the grief of ordering something that may translate differently in person than it did online.

This can be especially helpful for seeing colours and finishes up close, choosing the rigidness of textured tiles, and seeing the exact dimensions to determine whether a larger tile will fit your needs.

Plus, by coming into the store, you can even bring a sample tile home — that way, you can see for yourself with a tangible object whether a tile will clash with a room’s aesthetic.

3. Find some inspiration in a showroom

Let’s say you want to add an exuberate kitchen backsplash to help liven up your kitchen, but the image searches you’re finding aren’t giving you the inspiration you need. Or perhaps you’re weary that your online inspo won’t translate well in person.

Lay your worries to rest by coming in and seeing one of Tile Town’s showrooms. Masterfully orchestrated by the designers on our teams, these showrooms are brimming with inspiration for any of the projects you have in mind.

4. Receive instant gratification with your purchases

The convenience of online shopping is in the ability to receive anything you want, without having to leave the house. But it’s not as simple as seeing something, wanting it, and getting it immediately. Shoppers have to contest with:

-Wait times for delivery
-Payment fees for delivery
-Receiving an item and realizing they don’t particularly like it
-Receiving the wrong width

By coming right to Tile Town, you’re sparing yourself the woes that can occur with shopping from home. You’ll instantly have access to the tiles and supplies you need, without having to wait to start your project or pay extra fees just to get the products to you. Some of our stores are located directly next to our distributor warehouses, so our in-stock selections are plentiful.

5. Become part of the community

Ultimately, by visiting a Tile Town store and shopping in person, you’re choosing the first-hand experience of being a Tile Town resident. This means coming into a store that cares about their clients, gives back to the community that helped build them, and is passionate about tiles and enhancing the tiling experience.

With 50 years of experience under our belts, we welcome each and every project, inquiry, or suggestion from our loyal customers. No to mention, our staff values the experience that comes with meeting one-on-one and helping you achieve your tile dreams.

So, are you ready to come into town? Visit one of our Tile Town locations for all of your tile needs, we’re here to help!

10 Ways to Spice Up your Home Before the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, which means you should have started preparing for them yesterday. With shopping to do, guests to impress, and cleaning to be done, there’s a lot of factors that can contribute to this time of year being filled with complete holiday hysteria.

But worry not! There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for all of the things that come with the holidays — and you can start by sprucing up your home.

Cleanse your palette with fall colours

Colours can greatly influence your mood (as we have detailed in our discussion on colour selection), so you’ll want to make smart colour choices to soothe your guests, while also fitting into a fall colour palette.

In particular, yellows, reds, oranges, and browns will be the best for simultaneously giving off fall/winter vibes, while also being pleasing to the eye. 

Add a rug to accent your tiles

Rugs are a great way to help bring attention to your floor tiles, so you’ll want to choose a rug that matches your tiles’ aesthetic.

Try putting a round rug in a smaller room with larger tiles. The rug and larger tiles will help make the room seem bigger — a sneaky technique that large tiles are known for.

Look for effective transitional pieces

Because you’re preparing for the holidays, you’ll want to add accents to your home that don’t explicitly shout “festive spirit.”

For instance, wreaths and ornaments may be appropriate for the winter season, but they would seem out of place if you used them in the fall. Try instead to find décor that you can bring out in November, that would also make sense in December — like a black and red gingham throw blanket to drape over your couch.

Give your fireplace a hot makeover

As the weather changes and the temperature drops, warmth will be a main priority in your home. As such, a popular hangout spot will be your fireplace, so you’ll want to make sure it looks as hot as it feels.

The most important thing to know when choosing fireplace tiles is choosing tiles that are fire resistant. This will not only prevent your tiles from damage over time, but also help stop any fire-related accidents from happening.

Featured: Ledger Stone Sierra 6X24

Remember to store your patio furniture

The time for patio parties has passed, and with wet weather on the way, you’ll want to spare your outdoor furniture from the upcoming weather conditions.

The last thing you want is for your guests to see your outdoor furniture, covered in snow or rusted from the rain. Be sure to put covers on all of your outdoor furniture, or move them under cover to allow easy access — just in case the night calls for chilling outside.

Get your mudroom ready for action

Speaking of weather, it’s important you prepare your mudroom to withstand the snow and rain being dragged in by your guests or your animal companions.

You’ll want to prioritize getting durable floor tiles, such as ceramic ones. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated mudroom, simply add a floor mat to alleviate the stress of a dirty floor.

Warm up with some yellow lighting

The days are about to get darker much faster, so you’ll want to adjust your lighting to help keep spirits (and the room) lit up. You can achieve this by adjusting your lighting hues, or buying lightbulbs with a warmer shine.

In particular, yellow light would be effective in providing people with faux sunlight, and it would complement the colours in your décor’s fall colour palette.

Keep those tiles clean

Tiles are everywhere in your home, and maintaining them leading up to the holiday season will guarantee they still look brand new when the family starts visiting.

Learn all of the tips and tricks for cleaning your tiles by reading our expert advice!

Use wood accents to your advantage

Bringing the outside in isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you’re referring to using the rustic wood aesthetic.

Wooden furniture is very trendy in 2022, and fits right into the midcentury modern aesthetic. Pair your wooden furniture with wooden décor to give your home a comfortable, cabin feel.

Improve your kitchen with a backsplash

A backsplash is a kitchen essential, and adding one into your home can help tie your whole kitchen together. If you’ve yet to add a backsplash, now’s the perfect time!

Backsplashes can help tie together the colour choices in your kitchen, while also acting as a line of defense against splashes and spills that may happen. This will prove beneficial with all of the dinners you’ll be having — it’s stylish, and convenient!

Want more tips before the festive season begins? Come down to any of our Tile Town locations, and follow us on Instagram for seasonal design tips.

5 Reasons why Tile Town Surrey is Fraser Valley’s Best Tile Store

Do you live in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley and want to start renovating, but don’t know where to start? Weary about working with a tile store that doesn’t have your best interests in mind?

If you’re looking to elevate your tiling projects with a trusted and experienced company, Tile Town Surrey is the place for you. Providing continual support with their leading industry professionals, this store is eager and ready to help with all of your tile needs — from design tips for fireplaces, to teaching you about using textured tiles.

Need more convincing? Here are some of the top reasons why Tile Town Surrey is a store that you can trust.

All of your design needs will be met
Tile Town Surrey is notorious for its impressive knowledge of design and aesthetics. This can be credited to Chevonne Woolley, who is the store’s True Colour Expert.

With five years plus of interior design experience under her belt, Chevonne is the perfect person to help you narrow down your design ideas, while also ensuring you’re keeping up with the newest trends. She shares her opinion on trending colours and styles, but we recommend coming in to hear from the expert herself!

Chevonne Woolley, True Colour Expert
Chevonne Woolley, Tile Town Surrey’s True Colour Expert

Customer satisfaction guaranteed (just look at the reviews!)
A touchstone of any successful store is its customers, and Tile Town Surrey has continually left customers satisfied and coming back. This is proven by their 4.9/5 star rating generate by 835 reviewers, which attests to the strong relationships built between their experts and customers

Located in a Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley hot spot
Found at 6592 – 176th Street in Surrey, BC, Tile Town Surrey is in an optimal location for people within the Surrey area as its housed right on Pacific Highway, close to a bus stop. Not only that, but it’s a mere drive away for surrounding cities like Langley, Delta, Coquitlam, and so on! You’re never too far away to prepare for your next project.

The staff are certified experts
It’s important to know that you’re cared for by people who know what they’re doing, and Tile Town Surrey’s staff are all Schluter Certified. This certification means that the staff have undergone years of training to be industry experts, so they’ll be ready to help you pick between tile designs, give you advice for tile upkeep, etc.

Plus, the team just added Jay Dietrich, who was previously the manager of Tile Town Edmonton West’s store. This means you’ll have access to even more professionals!

Access to a large stock
An annoying thing that can happen to you in the middle of a project is running out of tiles, or a store not having the tiles you need right away. Thankfully, Tile Town Surrey has access to an immense inventory of square footage, despite being a smaller store.

This is because the Surrey store is attached to Tile Town’s distribution warehouse, which contains over 15,000 square footage of tiles that are available to customers.

Come down to Tile Town Surrey now to get your project on the right path, or call in at (604)–576–3189 to book a personalized consultation appointment. For inspiration, feel free to check Tile Town out on Instagram.

How Bigger Tiles Make a Big Impact on Your Home

Tiles come in an assortment of sizes, which leaves plenty of room for creativity. Unfortunately, however, many designers tend to overlook bigger tiles in favour of smaller tiles. Common design trends suggest smaller tiles are seemingly easier for creating intricate, detailed designs, for usage as kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and so on.

But in reality, big tiles can help make a big statement, and there’s plenty of design diversity with larger tiles. In fact, they’ve become a major trend in 2022 throughout the fall.

If you’re looking to maximize your home’s aesthetic, here’s how using bigger tiles can help.

Their durability proves beneficial as wallpaper replacements
Because of how durable of a material tiles can be, they do not share the same anxieties one might have if using a wallpaper or simply painting their walls. Splatters can leave awful stains on wallpaper that can wear their thin material down over time, and paint is often subject to chipping or unevenness.

By using larger tiles, which can withstand accidental spills or bumps, you are saving yourself the need to do continual upkeep. You’re essentially taking a kitchen backsplash (which have several design and practicality benefits) and inflating it to be an entire wall.

You should, however, educate yourself on how to properly clean your tiles to keep them looking and feeling brand new!

They can change the perspective of your room size
Room size is a crucial element in choosing the right tiles for your room. But did you know that you can manipulate the eye to think a room is bigger if you use bigger tiles? It’s true!

When used in open spaces, like a kitchen or living room floor, the bigger tiles cause the eye to travel a longer distance between each tile. Combined with using a solid colour and no pattern, your guests will think your living room is miles long.

And if you use bigger tiles on the wall, it’ll make your spaces look taller. Try creating an industrial streamline appearance by matching your wall and floor tiles together to really push the boundaries of your home.

(Learn more tips and tricks about picking tiles based on room size.)

Say goodbye to grout lines, and hello to sleek designs
When used correctly, grout lines can play an important role in a room’s aesthetic. This can be seen in modern farmhouse designs that use grout lines to reinforce a rustic appearance. Grout lines, however, may not translate for more modern, chic designs.

With larger tiles, you’ll find less grout lines, which give the appearance of long, gleaming surfaces. Your tiles will have the appearance of one cohesive material, rather than being broken up by several lines. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking to create a wallpaper effect, or if you’re going for a monochromatic look.

Not only that, but less grout lines means you’ll have less grout maintenance to deal with!

Cut bigger tiles into unique and experimental shapes
The benefit of larger tiles is that any modifications made to them can be done on a larger scale. This makes the process of tile cutting much easier for detailed cuts, which differs from the precision needed for working on smaller-scale tiles.

Try using triangular tiles to create focal point that draws the eye towards a living room, or you can try using hexagons to make an expanded honeycomb look on your bathroom floor (which you can waterproof!).

If you’re curious about using distinct cuts, or simply want some design inspiration, book a consultation appointment at any of our locations to get one-on-one assistance from industry professionals.

And be sure to check out our Tile Town Visualizer Tool — see for yourself why big tiles are a big deal!

5 Reasons Why Tile Town South Edmonton is Your One-Stop Tile Store

Are you someone in the southern Edmonton area looking to begin an exciting tile project, but don’t know how to get started? Overwhelmed with the amount of tile options and tile stores around you?

Look no further than Tile Town’s South Edmonton showroom location, where you’ll find top-of-the-line tiles, all the tools necessary for your installation, and an on-hand customer service experience like no other.

Found at 8219 Argyll Road NW, this Tile Town location provides service six days a week from Monday to Saturday, and staff are ready to answer any questions in-store, online, or over the phone.

And while there are plenty of reasons why Tile Town South Edmonton is the store for you, here are five to show you just what this store is made of.

1. The staff know tiles like no one else
Something that Tile Town prides itself on is its ability to provide customers with the best support in the business. At Tile Town South Edmonton, you’ll find staff members full of ideas and training that can help you form your ideas into perfection.

One such employee has been with Tile Town for more than 40 years and has continued to be a beacon that lights the way for hopeful tilers — that’s 40 years of trusted professionalism and assistance. Brad Bellefontaine (who talks about his dedication to Tile Town customers) has been a staple for Tile Town South Edmonton, and him and the entire staff are ready to assist you along any and all steps of the way.

If you come on down to this store, be ready for Brad to greet you with a smile!

2. It has the largest “In Stock” selection
Customers coming to Tile Town South Edmonton will be fortunate to know that they have any tile that they desire within their reach, right as they enter the store. Looking for a tile of a specific size to expand your room, or a need a certain colour to match your living room’s aesthetic? They’ll have options ready for you!

Plus, you can take tile samples home to help you get a better feel for your soon-to-be tile commitment. And at the off chance they don’t have what you need in store, you’re in luck! Tile Town South Edmonton has the ability to order from all major local tile suppliers, so your needs can be met swiftly.

3. Their showroom is brimming with inspiration
Whether you’re wanting to create the best accent wall or revamp your kitchen backsplash, you’ll find tons of inspiration at this Tile Town store. Their showroom is stocked with concepts that will help you finalize your tile ambitions.

You can also request one-on-one assistance through our complimentary design consultation that will ensure you have the time and space to talk through your ideas with a specialist.

Can’t make it in store? You can also try the Tile Town Visualizer Tool to give you an idea of how different tiles will look with one another in various rooms or use the TownSquare app for you and your consultant to work through.

4. The store is highly acclaimed (by customers just like you!)
Boasting a rating of 4.8/5 stars from more than 800 first-party customer reviews, this store has not one, but two specialties: tiles, and satisfied customers. As a store that has a personal shared mission of improving people’s quality of life, you’ll leave Tile Town feeling confident, accomplished, and, most importantly, heard.

Not to mention, the location boasts other accolades, which includes a six-year run of winning the Consumer Choice Award in the tile category.

5. It’s in a prime location
Location is a crucial component for any store, and Tile Town’s South Edmonton store brings you to a bustling part of Edmonton with life all around it.

Found right off of 75 Street NW, this location has plenty of bus stops nearby for those who don’t drive and a large parking lot ready for several customers to park in.

Tile Town Edmonton South Store
Tile Town South Edmonton 8219 Argyll Road NW

Ready to get your tile project started? Come down to Tile Town South Edmonton at 8219 Argyll Road NW for the best tiling experience you can imagine, or call in at (780)–466–1343. You can also check out Tile Town on Instagram to get to know the store better!

Add Flare to a Room With These Textured Tile Collections

Have you felt like your design ideas have fallen a bit flat? Do you want to bring some depth into your house but don’t know where to start?

Look (and feel) no further than with some textured tiles!

Beyond choosing the right colour palette and figuring out the tile pattern that best fits your preferences, textured tiles are another way to incorporate creative flare into your interior design plans. Forming depth along levelled surfaces and adding nuance to your home, textured tiles allow you to think outside the restraints of simplistic tile design that will reinvigorate your inner interior designer.

To help you get started on this new texture adventure, here are five design ideas that use various forms of textured tiles.

Let the waves wash over a room
The ocean’s been calling you, but you’ve been too preoccupied to answer. Don’t miss out on those refreshing waves any longer by adding some tiles with movement to bathroom walls.

Tile Town’s Cascade Wavy White Ceramic Wall Tiles feature an array of intricate waves that are smooth to the touch and absorbing to look at. Ideal for helping you feel relaxed without being too bored, these tiles will lighten up your bathroom while reflecting light beautifully against each ripple. You can also waterproof your tiles if you’d like to place these directly in your shower for a dramatic, waterfall-like effect.

Wavy textured white tile
Featured: Cascade Wavy White 12×24 Matte Ceramic Wall Tile

Add some class with some glass
Glass tiles are an easy way to add a bit of elegance to your home. While not the most durable and would not bode well as entire floors or walls, they are perfect accents that can elevate your home’s classiness level.

A powder room (or another small area) would be the perfect place to add a slight touch of elegance. With glass tiles, lighting plays a massive role in their impact, as their transparency engulfs the light in such enthralling ways you can’t help but be amazed.

To achieve this look, try using one of our Gypsea tiles, which include:

The Gypsea Midas Glass Mosaic Tile
The Gypsea Triton Glass Mosaic Tile

Round out your design with these penny-shaped tiles
Tile shapes can significantly sway your home’s aesthetic, and using these shapes to your advantage can help you liven up forgotten areas like your bar or bathroom wall. The example of round-shaped tiles, such as the Lumiere Black Penny Round Ceramic Tiles, will give a 3D effect that will have guests paying attention to the smaller, intricate details.

Tile Town Lumiere Series
Featured: Lumiere Black 1″ Penny Round Gloss Ceramic Mosaic

What’s approachable about this type of design is that the tiles themselves aren’t textured — rather, they create a texture while retaining a smooth look. This is perfect for interior designers who might find rough surfaces too intimidating. Moreover, you can still do monochromatic or simpler looks while adding dimension.

Make your fireplace Ledgerndary
Choosing the suitable tiles for your fireplace is essential, as you’ll want simultaneously heatproof and visually enticing tiles. Since your fireplace will be positioned in a highly populated area, you’ll want to ensure it represents the finesse you want to embody.

There are many options to choose from amongst the Ledger tiles, which are perfect as fireplace tiles or as accent walls. They include:

While we could go on about our Ledger tiles, here are some more tips on selecting the perfect fireplace tiles for your home.

Hop on the glaze craze with this backsplash
Backsplashes and textured tiles are the same, as each product looks that the eye naturally gravitates towards. And while there are many elements to consider when choosing a backsplash tile, pairing textured tiles with a backsplash is the perfect way to feature expressiveness without being too overpowering.

A perfect accent backsplash tile would be the Arvex Glaze Craze Porcelain Tile, which features rivets that create a zig-zag effect. Much like the round tiles, these tiles are glossy, but they create an illusion that tricks the eye into thinking the wall itself is more rigid than it is.

Want to see the impact of textured tiles yourself? Check out Tile Town’s Visualizer Tool to look at how influential textured tiles can be.

TIletown Lume Series
Featured: Lume Black 2.25×9.375 Gloss Glazed Porcelain Tile

Expert Inspo Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

Designing your dream kitchen is a significant commitment. One thing that absolutely cannot be overlooked is your kitchen’s backsplash.

As an accent point to countertops and cabinets, backsplashes add a touch of flavour to a kitchen design and help tie it together. The tiles you choose for your kitchen can say a lot about you as a person, so you’ll want a backsplash that reflects personality.

To help you choose the best kitchen backsplash, here are some things to keep in mind.

Select a tile style that’s right for you
Tiles come in all different looks and can be styled in various ways, so it’s best to establish early on what kind of backsplash you’re going for. Whether it’s farmhouse or midcentury, make choices that speak to your desired look.

In the example of the farmhouse aesthetic, choose simpler tiles with earthier tones (like those in our Lume series) to go with the natural vibe, as opposed to something louder or more intricate that may throw off the overall casual design.

You also want to consider the pattern of the tile you’re using. While the popular backsplash choice is a subway tile, there are so many other tile options for you to contemplate (which we’ve detailed in our discussion on tile patterns).

Tile style can also refer to how you choose to lay the tiles and the height of the backsplash. There are many tips and tricks for making a room appear larger, and extending a backsplash higher is one ways to achieve a heightened illusion. Be mindful, however, of your budget and not overcrowding the kitchen wall with a too-high backsplash.

Create harmony between your backsplash and countertops
Whether choosing a monochromatic look or creating a compelling colour story, shades play an incredibly significant role in establishing a solid aesthetic. Make sure your kitchen’s colour palette remains consistent across the backsplash, countertops, cabinets, furniture, and, to some degree, your appliances.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your backsplash while factoring in colour:

-You don’t necessarily have to make your countertop and backsplash match ideally, instead, they can complement each other or simply stick to the established colour story
-Lighting can play a big part in how colour is perceived, so be aware that some of the colours may fade or pop depending on the light fixture position and light bulb shade
-Mixing shades is a clever way to give a kitchen depth through its backsplash
-Keep in mind the finishes of the other appliances and items in your kitchen

Factor in tile durability and cleanliness
Kitchen tiles get dirty. Whether it’s grease, water, or food, your backsplash protects the kitchen walls. Clean tiles regularly and install them with long-lasting strength in mind.

We have many tips for tile cleanliness, but important ones to remember when installing a backsplash include:

-Using a strong sealing material on your tiles to ensure that moisture doesn’t cause the tiles to weaken gradually
-Choosing a grout that is both resistant to dirt and also fits your backsplash aesthetic
-Selecting tiles that are made of more durable material, such as ceramic or stone

Simply put, you want a backsplash that fights splashes back.

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5 Tips for Creating a Monochromatic Look with Tiles

Monochromatic interiors have been one of the most consistent home décor trends throughout 2022 (among the many other design trends that have populated this year). This look is achieved by keeping a consistent colour palette and decorating floor-to-ceiling within that one colour’s values. The aesthetic not only utilizes cohesion, but it’s also an easy starting point for first-time designers to work around — all you have to worry about is one colour!

To help you realize your monochromatic look, here are five helpful tips to consider with your tile selection.

  1. Remember: You’re not limited to black and white
    A major misconception about the term “monochromatic” in the interior design world is that it strictly implies black and white. This could not be further from the truth, as monochromacy relies on picking one colour and working outwards around that colour, not just a grayscale palette.

    Liven things up with a deep blue tile (like those found in our Teramoda series) in a room with navy walls, or experiment with a rich green (like those found in our Lume series) to coincide with the earth tones in your furniture and décor.

  2. Use different tones and shades for depth
    Although monochromic implies one colour, that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one colour value! By adding different tints, shades, and tones, you’ll not only be creating layers within your monochromatic design, but you’ll be ensuring your colour scheme keeps from being too monotonous and boring.

    Try using an ash grey floor tile (like our Geotech Grigio 12×14 Porcelain tiles) with a light grey kitchen backsplash (like our Arvex Victorian Grey Glossy 2×4 Beveled Porcelain Mosaic tiles) to give off a chic, complimentary look.

  3. Experiment with finishes, textures, and patterns
    There are many other ways you can create more excitement within your single colour-parameters. Textures can help add more noise to a quiet palette by capturing the light differently, while patterns are an easy way to add visual intrigue. (Just be sure to educate yourself on the different pattern types and how to incorporate them before you start your project!)

    You can try mixing gloss and matte finishes to give the eye more texture to interact with. This will make the single tone-look feel more enticing. A great location for this would be around a fireplace — just be sure to consider the appropriate factors when choosing your fireplace tiles.

  4. Select colours based on desired mood
    Colours have the remarkable ability of impacting how we feel (which is something we’ve discussed when choosing coloured tiles vs. black and white). Using this knowledge can help you decide what kind of mood you want your monochromatic room to emulate. An example of this is a white monochromatic look.

    White can mean:
    – Simplicity, which is best represented through the minimalism design aesthetic
    – Cleanliness, shown through sleek white grout lines and polished-looking tiles
    – Serenity, which is evoked through openness and spaciousness that’s achieved with white floor and kitchen tiles

    Another example of this can be seen in green tiles, which can mean:
    – Nature, which would be perfect for cottage or barnyard interiors
    – Healing, as the colour green is a restful colour for the eyes
    – Peace, which someone can feel while surrounded by plant life and dark green furniture in an office

  5. Match your grout lines with the tiles
    An easy way to create a streamline single colour-scheme is by ensuring your grout lines match the colour of the tiles you’re using. Your grout lines will fade into the background, giving the illusion of one cohesive surface.

    If you’re wanting to use a white colour scheme but are anxious about maintaining your grout line’s cleanliness, Tile Town provides many cleaning products precisely for maintaining the crispness of your grout lines, and we have many cleaning tips that can help you as well.

    For more tips and tricks, visit any of our Tile Town locations, or give our stores a call!