Sometimes the biggest homes need the smallest details to make them feel whole, and what better bite-sized tile to turn to than the penny tile?

As their name suggests, penny tiles are about the size of a penny (remember when we had those?). Being some of the smallest tiles out there, their strengths are in their numbers, which helps to broaden their design capabilities. More tiles = more options.

To help you see the bigger picture, here are five ways the petite penny tile can have your home feeling like a million bucks.

Great for adding texture

Texture is an exciting way to add visual (and physical) appeal to your most ordinary spaces, such as your fireplace, your backsplash, or your shower. And what helps penny tiles stand out from tiles that are actually textured is that they create the texture, instead of just being textured.

Beyond simply adding a touch of intrigue to your home, they can also add dimension, which can help make smaller areas appear larger by capturing the eye’s attention. As your eye is captured by the texture on the walls, your eye will continue to travel along the wall, creating the illusion of depth and length.

They can create eye-catching mosaics

Creating a mosaic involves arranging small materials together to create an overall image, and what better tile to help you to achieve this than the penny tile?

By playing around with individual penny tiles, you can create jaw-dropping floor and wall patterns that give your living room or foyer a focal point. With a customized mosaic in your home, you’ll be sure to impress all of the guests you’ll have coming in and out.

For mosaic inspiration using the Lumiere Black Penny Round Tile and the Lumiere White Penny Round Tile:

-Use the white tiles as a backdrop and spell out words using the black tiles

-Create a flower pattern on white tiles by using the black tiles as flower petals

-Place the white tiles in a diamond formation, then have the black tiles go around their edges

There are endless colour options

Some tiles are restricted in colour variation because of the type of material they’re made from. Penny tiles, however, can be made from porcelain, ceramic, or glass, allowing for more colour options to be available.

This is why penny tiles are a popular choice for backsplashes, especially in kitchens that are aspiring for the streamline monochromatic look. You can even try mixing the colours together to create intricate patterns without needing to seek out specific patterned tiles. Ultimately, this is your chance to let your inventive side come out!

Helpful for slip resistance

Because of their smaller size, you’ll typically be using more penny tiles to completely cover a backsplash or bathroom floor — especially when compared to the larger floor tiles that have been dominating the latter half of 2022.

But an advantage of using these many penny tiles (and small tiles in general), over using bigger tiles, is that they’re effective against slipping.

This is due to the amount of grout lines created by the tiles. The grout lines form grooves in your flooring that give you a bit of traction, which greatly differs from the long stretches of surface that larger tiles create.

It’s recommended you install penny tile flooring in wet areas to help prevent accidents, such as your bathroom or laundry room, or in areas with high traffic.

Aesthetically diverse

Having been around since the early 1900’s, penny tiles have seen many unique aesthetics come and go (and come back again). As such, they can play a crucial role in many of the aesthetics that are booming today.

For instance:

-Penny tiles in a bathroom floor can simultaneously look modern, but also vintage — all depending on the colour and accoutrements in the room

-A penny tile surrounding a fireplace can simultaneously be contemporary, but can also be minimalist depending on the colour choices for the floor tiles, furniture, etc.

-Using black and white penny tiles can give a retro, diner look, but also match the cleverly placed contrasts seen in midcentury modern

All in all, finding an aesthetic for these tiles to fit into won’t give you a run for your money.

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