The boom of online shopping has swept the retail industry, as shoppers are now effortlessly making purchase left and right from the comfort of their own home.

But in certain situations, in-person shopping presents remarkable opportunities that cannot be achieved by a click-and-deliver shopping experience. This is especially the case for home renovation purchases, where aspiring interior designers may miss out on seeing products up close, getting personalized assistance, and so on.

And as any shopper who comes into one of our Tile Town stores will tell you, there’s plenty to be gained from making the trip down to any of our esteemed locations. If you’re planning to start a tiling project, here’s how coming into our store, as opposed to simply shopping online, can really elevate your tile project experience!

1. Get on-hand assistance from industry professionals

Online retailers will often prompt you to ask for assistance via automated messaging services on their websites. But what can be missed from using these, as opposed to speaking face-to-face, is the experience of hearing directly from experts of the trade.

And at Tile Town, we have plenty of certified experts to help with all of your questions,  whether you’re looking for:

-Someone with more than 40+ years in the tile industry
-A reliable design consultant
-An accredited colour expert to help polish your colour palette

Not to mention, in-person interaction can feel warmer, especially when you build a relationship with the staff who are ready and eager to make your tile project run smoother.

2. See the tiles for yourselves

A major benefit of coming into a Tile Town store is being able to see and feel the tiles for yourselves. By doing so, you’re saving yourself the grief of ordering something that may translate differently in person than it did online.

This can be especially helpful for seeing colours and finishes up close, choosing the rigidness of textured tiles, and seeing the exact dimensions to determine whether a larger tile will fit your needs.

Plus, by coming into the store, you can even bring a sample tile home — that way, you can see for yourself with a tangible object whether a tile will clash with a room’s aesthetic.

3. Find some inspiration in a showroom

Let’s say you want to add an exuberate kitchen backsplash to help liven up your kitchen, but the image searches you’re finding aren’t giving you the inspiration you need. Or perhaps you’re weary that your online inspo won’t translate well in person.

Lay your worries to rest by coming in and seeing one of Tile Town’s showrooms. Masterfully orchestrated by the designers on our teams, these showrooms are brimming with inspiration for any of the projects you have in mind.

4. Receive instant gratification with your purchases

The convenience of online shopping is in the ability to receive anything you want, without having to leave the house. But it’s not as simple as seeing something, wanting it, and getting it immediately. Shoppers have to contest with:

-Wait times for delivery
-Payment fees for delivery
-Receiving an item and realizing they don’t particularly like it
-Receiving the wrong width

By coming right to Tile Town, you’re sparing yourself the woes that can occur with shopping from home. You’ll instantly have access to the tiles and supplies you need, without having to wait to start your project or pay extra fees just to get the products to you. Some of our stores are located directly next to our distributor warehouses, so our in-stock selections are plentiful.

5. Become part of the community

Ultimately, by visiting a Tile Town store and shopping in person, you’re choosing the first-hand experience of being a Tile Town resident. This means coming into a store that cares about their clients, gives back to the community that helped build them, and is passionate about tiles and enhancing the tiling experience.

With 50 years of experience under our belts, we welcome each and every project, inquiry, or suggestion from our loyal customers. No to mention, our staff values the experience that comes with meeting one-on-one and helping you achieve your tile dreams.

So, are you ready to come into town? Visit one of our Tile Town locations for all of your tile needs, we’re here to help!